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Centrex Central Systems

Centrex Central Systems

Sun-Mar Centrex composting toilets feature a central composting unit that can be attached to one or more low-flow toilet units. Centrex composters can be installed out of the way, in a basement or closet below the actual toilet. If you have a larger home with multiple bathrooms, but cannot install a traditional septic system due to ground conditions or expense, a Centrex composting toilet system is the solution.

From the manufacturer:

For those that want a traditional type of toilet in the bathroom, Centrex family low flush systems are ideal. Centrex family low flush systems are designed for use with a Sealand 1 pint flush toilet. The Sealand in the bathroom is connected by a standard 3" plumbing pipe to the composting unit which is below the toilet and normally within 15-20 feet.

Click here to buy individual components for your Centrex system.

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