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  1. Schumacher Storm 700 Backup Power System

    Storm 700 Backup Power System


    • 700W backup power system
    • 1400W surge power rating
    • Battery powered, safe for indoor use
    • Durable & portable enough for outdoor use
    • Power appliances and keep electronics charged
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  2. Xantrex Powerhub 1800 Backup Power System

    Powerhub 1800 Backup Power System

    From: $825.00

    To: $1,043.50

    • Never worry about running out of power
    • Expand capacity to 400Ah battery storage with an extra battery box
    • Renewable energy can sustain the PowerHub's battery charge indefinitely
    • An excellent alternative to a generator
    • Designed for indoor use, with no fuel, fumes or noise
    • Add it to a grid-tie solar energy system for backup power
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  3. Xantrex XPower Powerpack battery cart

    XPower 1500 Portable Power System


    • Emergency household power, or portable outdoor power
    • 1500W modified sine wave inverter, 3000W surge capacity
    • 51 amp hour sealed non-spillable AGM battery
    • Can be recharged from 120V or 12V power
    • No generator noise or fumes
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